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The Language Learning Center (LLC) has a collection of dictionaries and materials on ten languages that the university offers as courses in language studies: the two main language courses, English as international language and Japanese for foreign students from overseas, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, German, and French. In particular, the Center has a rich collection of English learning materials on CD-ROM, DVD titles in English, paperback and educational materials for different levels of learning. Another way to enjoy using the facilities at the Center is to gather with friends around television monitors to watch movies on DVD.
The Center also provides student tutors to exclusively give users of the Center advice and assistance on self-directed learning. In addition, students serving as tutors can improve their language proficiency and teaching skills through the experience. The university has many tutors with experience studying overseas who are ready to help students who are planning to study abroad. The Center also serves as a place for Japanese students to interact with students from foreign countries. (Located at 4th Floor, Students' Hall,)

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