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University Clinic / Counseling OfficeCampus introduction

University Clinic

Staffed with the school doctor and nurse, the university clinic provides consultation services on illness prevention and health management. The clinic also provides regular physical examinations and emergency treatment in cooperation with the general hospitals in the city.
(Location: 1st Floor, Multi-purpose Hall)

Counseling Office

The Counseling Office assists students on anything they may feel confused or worried about, however small. Consultation services are provided regarding personal problems, anguish, relationship with friends, career plans, and so on. Students are encouraged to make use of the services of the Counseling Office if they find it difficult to consult with their professors, lecturers, or friends. Professional counselors and members of the faculty take turns to provide services appropriate to the nature of the consultation. The office will keep details of the consultation confidential. Consultation days: Posted on university notice boards.

* Interested persons may inquire at the Academic Affairs Department and the Student Affairs Division regarding the university system and administrative procedures. (Location; 1st Floor, Multi-purpose Hall)。


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