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Tourism Industry MajorAcademics

Through a study of the tourism industry, we cultivate specialists with a variety of skills able to contribute to society on both a regional and international scale.

Academic Fields

  • Tourism Policy and Business Studies
  • Environment and Ecotourism Studies
  • Culture Tour Studies


  • Tourism Policy
  • Tourism Industry Studies
  • Tourism Development
  • Tourism in Okinawa
  • Hotel Management
  • Hotel Planning
  • Travel Industry Management
  • Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Natural Treasures in Okinawa
  • Island Environment Studies
  • Nature Observation Guidance
  • Internship Abroad
  • Field Studies Seminar
  • Introduction to Wellness
  • Health and Longevity


Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Industry)


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