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Language Education MajorAcademics

We aim to cultivate language abilities such as English as an international language and Japanese as a mother tongue at both the practical and professional level.
Through language education, we cultivate global citizens with broad knowledge and a high degree of specialization, who can contribute to their local and global communities in the future by deepening their identities and communicating widely with others.

Academic Fields

  • English Language Communication Course
  • English Language Teacher Training Course
  • Japanese Language Teacher Training Course


  • Field Study Trip
  • Debating in English
  • Interpretation Techniques
  • Oral Communication
  • English Composition
  • English Text Reading
  • English Listening
  • English Phonetics
  • Japanese Language Theory of Expression
  • Japanese Language Theory of Understanding
  • English Language Teaching Methods for Elementary School


Bachelor of Arts (International Cultural Studies)


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