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International Culture MajorAcademics

While putting to good use the geographical location Okinawa enjoys, and making the most of its historical and cultural circumstances, we educate talented, internationally-minded individuals who can contribute fully to the pan-Pacific region.

Academic Fields

  • Okinawan Course
  • Japanese Course
  • East Asian Course
  • Southeast Asian Course
  • Latin America Course
  • International Cooperation Course


  • Field Study Trip
  • Okinawan Regional Culture
  • Okinawan Society
  • Japanese History
  • Comparative Philosophy
  • Comparative Art
  • Religions of Asia
  • Asian History
  • Asian Culture
  • Language and Culture of Latin America
  • Latin American History
  • Migration and Cultural Adaptation
  • Latin American Folklore
  • Latin American Society
  • Asian Politics and Society


Bachelor of Arts (International Cultural Studies)


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