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Six major subjects for developing talented individuals

The Faculty of International Studies cultivates, as global citizens of the 21st century, "talented individuals who can be active both locally as well as internationally."
Based on an awareness of the importance of fostering a flexible and all-around decision-making capability, we at Meio take as our educational goal the development of talented individuals who can respond to a variety of needs. This competence serves us well in an age requiring a strong ability both to compete on an international scale and simultaneously to coexist in peace and harmony.

Licenses and Qualifications
  • Junior High / High School First Class Teaching License in English
  • High School First Class Teaching License in Commerce
  • High School First Class Teaching License in Information Studies
  • English Proficiency Test
  • Chinese Proficiency Test
  • Kanji Proficiency Test
  • Japanese Proficiency Test
  • Spanish Proficiency Test
  • Japanese Language Teacher
  • CRLA
  • Accounting Proficiency Test
  • IT Passport
  • Entry qualification for Health Info. Management Cert
  • .Com Master
  • Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
  • Certified Business Administrator in Advanced Studies
  • Tourism Business Agent
  • CONE Nature Experience Leader
  • English for Tourism Proficiency Test
  • National Tourist Agent Manager
  • Combined National/International Tourist Agent Manager
  • Environmental Counselor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Camping Instructor
  • Scuba Diving Certificate
Career and qualification paths after graduation
  • Public Service
  • Education and Learning Support for Academic Research
  • Professionals・Technology Service
  • Wholesale Trade and Retail
  • Distribution business
  • Financial companies (banks, life insurance, securities)
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Medical institutions
  • Hotel accommodation staff
  • Restaurant
  • Daily Life Related Service Industry
  • Leisure Industry
  • Junior High School Teacher (English)
  • High School Teacher (English/ Commerce/ Information Studies)
  • Health Information Manager
  • Graduate School (domestic or abroad)


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