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Department of Sports and HealthAcademics

We cultivate talented individuals who, having an understanding of human health, can take the role of health support specialists, and treat the body and mind as one.


We offer specialized education in various academic fields to achieve the scientific study of sports and health on a global standard through our innovative interdisciplinary methodology.

Training specialists in supporting health and sports activitiesThe training of specialists who are equipped with the knowledge and skills in sports and health that can be applied to enhance life-long health and prevent life-style related illness.
Varied and fully developed practice, training, and tactical exercisesEducation and training for obtaining a license to teach health and physical education, clinical training in nursing and practical care, training to obtain the license to teach nursing, training in facilities used to promote health in order to obtain the entrance qualification to take the health exercise instructor examination, and internship in industries, social welfare facilities, local public organizations, outdoor training facilities, and so on.
Multi-faceted research for a better understanding of man and societyWe offer courses in social welfare and psychology to understand the relation between man and society, between human behavior and human psychology.
Specialized practical skill coursesWe offer every type of practical skills course, such as practical skills in marine sports which make good use of the advantages Okinawa provides (wind surfing, scuba-diving, etc.); traditions characteristic of Okinawa (karate, classical martial arts, classical Ryukyu dance, etc.); winter sports pursued outside the prefecture (skiing, snow-boarding); as well as other practical skills involving our training room and indoor heated swimming pool.
Licenses and Qualifications
  • Junior High / High School First Class Teaching License in Health and Physical Education
  • School Nurse First Class Teaching License
  • Health Supervisor First Class
  • Entrance qualification for Health Exercise Instructor examination
  • Training Instructor (JATI)
  • Japan Sports Association (JASA) Certified Sports Instructor (JASA Junior Instructor, JASA Sports Programmer plus partial exemption for other qualifications)
  • Qualified Social Welfare Officer
  • Qualified to take the exam to be a physical trainer
Career and qualification paths after graduation
  • High School Teacher (Health and Physical Education)
  • School Nurse
  • Sports organizer or sports trainer
  • Civil Servant
  • Welfare Officer at medical or welfare institutions
  • Company Welfare Officer
  • Graduate Student


Health and Physical Education Teacher
  • Introduction to Sports and Health
  • Physiology of Motion and Sports Physiology
  • Swimming
  • Apparatus Exercise
  • Principles of Physical
  • Seminar
  • Teacher Training Practicum
School Nurse
  • Nursing
  • First Aid and Basic Life Support
  • Public Health and Hygiene
  • Introduction to School Nursing
  • Clinical Nursing Training
  • School Health
  • School Nursing Training
  • Theory and Methods of Health Consultation Practice
Social Welfare Management
  • Public Health and Hygiene
  • Nutrition
  • Introduction to Social Welfare
  • Welfare for the Elderly
  • Disability and Social Welfare
  • Child Welfare
  • Social Work Theory and Practice
Health Exercise Instruction
  • Introduction to Wellness
  • Exercise Program for Health
  • Introduction to Medical Service
  • Exercise Stress Testing
  • Track and Field
  • Aerobics
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Health and Physical Fitness
  • Health Industry Facilities On-site Practicum
Training Instruction
  • Human Anatomy
  • Laboratory Experiments in Kinesiology
  • Sports Injury and Prevention
  • Sports Instruction
  • Sports Training
  • Sports Coaching
  • Kinesiology


Bachelor of Arts (Sports and Health)


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